SMAANZ offers numerous networking and development opportunities for HDR (higher degree by research) students throughout the year.


The SMAANZ HDR Hour series aims to provide an opportunity for our SMAANZ community to collaborate and feel a sense of inclusion. The online series is open to everyone and is free to attend! Whilst it is focused on HDR students (similar to our mid-year HDR program), we encourage all levels of the SMAANZ community to be involved!

Annual HDR Workshop

This workshop takes place at the annual SMAANZ Conference and is usually hosted the day before the conference starts in the host city. This workshop includes a variety of development sessions, delivered by senior academics in the SMAANZ community (e.g. publication advice sessions, academic career advice). This workshop is free for all SMAANZ HDR students attending the annual conference, but pre-registration with the SMAANZ Student Representative is essential.

Due to the unique environment in 2020, we are finalising details and format for the HDR conference during our planned SMAANZ Week 2020.

HDR Mid-Year Conference

This one day conference occurs in July each year and is an opportunity for HDR students to present their work in a friendly environment and receive constructive peer and academic feedback. The conference is free to SMAANZ HDR members and is also available to non-SMAANZ HDR members (for a fee of $40, which also includes annual SMAANZ student membership). 

Please note there will be no SMAANZ mid-year Conference in 2020. Instead, we will be running the SMAANZ HDR Series.

Generally, the SMAANZ mid-year conference will consist of student presentations and a panel session by senior academics. Students each give a 10-minute presentation, and then receive constructive feedback from academics and their fellow students. This presentation could be a practice for the SMAANZ Conference, a journal article/thesis chapter, or if you’re in the early stages of a Masters/PhD you could present your proposed project. This is an opportunity to develop your presentation skills in a friendly and welcoming environment, and to get feedback from.  

HDR Online Community

Our SMAANZ HDR members have an online community for ongoing peer support. We are finalising the format for this online community, and will update this page shortly.

HDR students can become a SMAANZ member through purchasing an annual membership ($40) or through attending the annual SMAANZ conference.

For more information or to register for any of the HDR activities, please contact the SMAANZ HDR representative, Olivia Baudinet:

For more information…

Or to register for any of the HDR activities, please contact our SMAANZ HDR representative, Olivia Baudinet

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